Gastro guide to my mother – criticism

A classic is born.

Ágnes Erdélyi Z., Olvass bele


Beside a charming mother biography, Gastro guide is a living example how certain questions should be asked until there is somebody to answer them.

Luca Csobod (Kötve-fűzve)


When I put down the book, I felt like I have never ever eaten anything so tasty or seen such a funny and vibrant old lady.

András Török, Vademecum


Dés is an awesome writer, he can creates a certain atmosphere and portrays a character with ironic, kindly cruel words […] The book is lavishly illustrated by ironically didactic and philosophical pictures the author’s son, imitating the children-drawings.

Sándor Révész, Népszabadság


The structure welds gastronomic and biographic components so cleverly that – regardless for what purpose we started to read it – we can’t put it down or jump a page […] The drawings of Marci are part of the enchantment: being a mature painter, he made the illustrations with infantile mischief.

Anna Dóra Kovács, kultography


The pseudo-naïf and comic drawings interpret the story form the point of view of the nephews […] With this book of nice presentation we can go all along the 20th Century of Hungary, sometimes in a astonishingly concise and funny way.

Enikő Löwensohn,


¡Boccato di cardinale!

Judit Szász, gé

It was really good reading this book, which is partly a mother portray, partly a family novel, partly a chronicle of an epoch and partly a cooking book. But for me, first and foremost, is an embodiment of a way of life or, if you like it, is a lifestyle book.


Truly is much more than a cookbook: it’s a family story seasoned with humor. And as is known, good seasoning is one of the pillars of the art of cuisine.

Mari Veres,


It’s impossible to put it down. Whatever Dés is writing about is delighting; he brings wit, color and spark even to the most everyday situation.

Pethő Réka, campusonline


Mihály Dés presents his parents’ life with irresistible irony and fun. The humorous effect is reinforced by his son’s drawings, which respond to his father writing with great sensibility. Besides being a fabulous reading, Gastro guide to my mother is also a useful cookbook opposing the trends.

Vasárnapi hírek


Dés new novel is extraordinary […] Touching, hilarious and delightful.

Nóra Titanilla Kis,


From now on, bookshelves are expanding with a new mandatory cookbook, which’s 2/3 part is, by the way, an amusing and humoristic family novel you can’t put down.

Nóra Pákozdi, we love Budapest


It’s funny and really gets itself read..


It’s impossible not to love this book! […] It is a life-tale, a family novel and an excellent cookbook. It has been a pleasure to read it and remember all the memories that recalled from my grandma’s kitchen.

gaboolvas blog





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